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custom boxes

The automotive industry is not your regular retail market. The vehicle parts are sold to car manufacturers rather than to the general public. Marketing done through custom boxes is the latest trend in the industry that is used to improve brand awareness.

When operating in such a high-investment products market, sellers need to align their marketing costs so they generate quicker returns and do not push resource limits. Branding done using packaging boxes works well to capture a bigger market share by spreading unmissable brand awareness.

Customizing for better results

Automotive brands who have identified the pros of utilizing an effective packaging mix, do not look any further than customized boxes. modifying the packaging boxes works in multiple creative ways to improve the brand appeal. Here are some:

  • Provide due care and protection to the automotive parts.
  • Reduce the need for extra materials and additional packaging accessories.
  • Revamp the brand image and make it highly prominent.
  • Launch new businesses and vehicle parts
  • Market the company by creating a strong impact.

It seems like a wholesome packaging solution. Modifying and branding the boxes is the current market trend that lets sellers take control of the brand protection they want to emit. Let us look at them in detail below.

An unshakable product cover

Not all the parts are of the same dimensions. They need to be transported safely and this can be only realized by customizing the containers so they allow apt product fitting.

Even though the parts are strong and made of durable materials, inadequate packaging may still cause them to rust, erode, or get unnecessarily shaken during transit. It can hamper their true productivity. Vehicle makers need to get the parts in the best condition otherwise, they won’t think twice before switching to rival brands.

What the packaging can do is be supportive of the automotive part. The items can typically range from engine parts, bumpers, tools, seals, windows, among others. Each of these parts needs boxes that are dense enough to secure them and measure correctly. Fragile items like window panels and side mirrors need better cushioning, bumpers need bigger boxes that cover them well, engine parts come in boxes with custom inserts to keep all the components together, and so on.

A good customer-seller relation starts when the products arrive undeterred. Once this base is set, the packaging can perform other tasks too.

Cut-down wastes

A reoccurring problem during packaging is the amount of excessive materials used. This inflates costs unnecessarily. What’s more; bigger containers cause the items to move around rigorously during shipping. Potential damages can also be controlled by altering the size of the boxes along with using resources effectively.

Moreover, often automotive packaging is filled with extra packaging materials. Using suitable box thicknesses eliminates this need. Corrugated stock is naturally built with cushioned walls that can be increased or compressed depending on the product type. Cardboard stock paper can also be altered in density. When boxes offer customized protection, brands don’t have to spend more on getting extra packaging accessories.

Custom packaging boxes are the best packaging solution that takes care of every significant automotive requirement in controlling moisture and dust inflow so the parts don’t react with them and create damage. Sellers can pick from varied laminations and coatings done on the boxes to keep them damage-resistant. Automotive sellers use these boxes to save on refunds and replacement costs.

Give a brand makeover

Packaging is the face of the business. It represents the brand values in a tangible form. Choosing custom features gives a unique brand appeal; one that stays longer with clients.

Existing or new automotive brands use customized boxes to reshape their image. Standard boxes are rapidly becoming obsolete because they do nothing to promote or represent the brand for the target audience. Customers love a personalized brand look. It makes the products seem worthy of investment and loyalty.

Certain brands use unique logos and graphics that customers can easily retain. The customers need prompt box features to get familiar with the company. Digital ads fall short of providing branding features 24/7. The boxes, on the other hand, keep radiating marketing vibes as long as the boxes stay with the buyers or at store racks.

Vehicle parts are ordered from around the world. Custom printed shipping boxes travel long miles to reach their final destinations. They are the go-to packaging choice for automotive sellers. The prime reason is that they are seen by a large customer group as they travel from point A to B. just like moving billboards!

Customization works to give an improved brand identity to existing brands. it is also an important tool to launch new companies. Customers sit up and take notice of brands that are above par and offer an exceptional brand vibe.

Market the whole product lines

One more alluring aspect of using custom boxes is that they are an offbeat but productive marketing platform.

How do customers know about the other products the brand sells? Won’t conveying these add to sales? of course, it would! And this is why the boxes are printed with informative texts that communicate marketing messages to the customers.

When the boxes impart brand promotions, they are bound to make a stronger impact. Customers keep the boxes with them for longer; at least till the products last. It is hence, a good way to reinstate branding and important promotional content. Customers can be informed of new products, production techniques, delivery methods, user manuals, amongst other relevant details.

custom boxes

Using the boxes as effective marketing tools provides:

  • Cost-savings in renting expensive billboards frequently.
  • Using a host of insufficient marketing platforms.
  • Use the boxes dually for packaging as well as branding.
  • Customize the content to make it engaging and convenient to read and apprehend.
  • Customers don’t have to keep a lot of marketing material with them, rather they keep the boxes for future reference.
  • Give a pleasant box opening experience.

YouTube is filled with unboxing videos. These cost nothing to the brand but elevate its position in the market. Customers view these before selecting the brand. focusing on the custom box features helps to be spoken about in a positive light.

The basics of automotive packaging

The other side of the coin is to know how to present the boxes in ways that depict the brand as reliable and professional.  The above benefits are realized when the packaging falls true to the set industry benchmark and even crosses them for added advantage.

While customizing the automotive packaging, the following elements must be considered.

  1. Identify the basic product need

Parts made of iron are sensitive to moisture. The boxes must be crafted to secure water from entering the packaging and reacting with the materials. Customers don’t appreciate parts that are rusted or eroded upon arrival. It makes them unfit for use.

Sellers can take the help of expert box makers to design boxes that are suitable in every way. Custom options such as spot UV coating and plush laminations prevent parts from getting wet. These also block excessive sunlight.

Next, the boxes must be shaped rightly too. appropriate length and width help to keep the content safe from turbulences and rough handling. Creative shapes garner more buyer attention too. people tend to stop and take a closer look at brands that come in offbeat box formats.

  1. Know your customers

Automotive parts are made for a wide range of vehicle types. Knowing the exact customer group is essential to brand the boxes accordingly. Automotive industry relies on robust custom boxes for product shipment. The brand image gets to a higher number of customers while the parts work as intended.

For instance, carmakers would go for brands that seem functional in providing reliable car parts. The packaging must be illustrated with relative scenarios that depict the issues of car manufacturing and how the part surpasses it.

Customizing the boxes means that the packaging reflects the brand values and fairly represents the products. the graphical representation of the parts mustn’t be misleading. Depiction of larger sizes can put off clients when they open the packaging. Also, the automotive part makers can work with vehicle manufacturers to know the customer group they intend to sell to and make packaging that creates a good connection with them.

  1. Be creative in printing the content

The brand logo makes a good customer impression. It has to be placed on the right box spot where it is seen instantly. Vehicle makers must find the brand identity depicted on the prominent box location to memorize it at the spot. Complementing color schemes, visually appealing pictures, font style, and the marketing texts must make coherent sense. Consistent branding works to impart a convincing brand story. Otherwise, scattered patterns can confuse customers.

The brand also must utilize the box space to communicate with buyers. They can be given contact access and vital brand info so they order on a loop.


Settling for custom boxes is the most prominent method to appear distinct from the rest. Automotive parts need packaging that is created with the above tips so it reaps the highest benefits.


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