8+ Flower Basket and Gifts Should Give on 30th Birthday


Birthdays are celebrated once every year to mark the day we were born. As you plan to celebrate your 30th Birthday or someone else’s, you need to look for exciting ways to do it. That is because the 30th Birthday is a significant milestone in one’s life. While many gifts are sent to a loved one on his or her 30th Birthday, flower baskets are the best. The best thing about sending floral gifts besides being colorful and attractive is that they are also meaningful. This will depend on the relationship you share with the recipient of the message you want to convey.

You don’t need to struggle to find the best floral gift for a 30th birthday celebration when you partner with Cosmea Gardens online flower delivery. They are among the best Cyprus flower and gift delivery companies offering all kinds of flowers for all occasions, including 30th birthday gift ideas. So to impress your recipient on his or her 30th, here are 8+ flower baskets and gift ideas to pick from.

Best 30th Birthday Flowers 

A Sunflower Basket

When it comes to brightening someone’s 30th Birthday Gift, no flower does it better than sunflowers. These bright yellow blooms come in different varieties of different sizes. You are making them perfect basket floral gifts. Sunflowers represent strength and resilience, the perfect way to describe a person marking his or her third decade. Being a golden year, thirty is special. Sunflowers blend with many other different blooms and hues, especially when presented in a basket. Therefore, if you want to make your sunflower basket special, try mixing them with blooms such as roses, tulips, or carnations.

A Basket of Lilies 

Turning 30 is a grand occasion, and the best way to show someone celebrating 30 years is to send a gift of beautiful lilies in a basket. Lilies are the perfect birthday flowers to express happiness, positivity and also wish someone a long life. At thirty, you are just beginning to live life; therefore, make the most of it. They are lovely blooms, which also come in many vibrant hues, and as the sender, you can decide to go with a single color or combine different lily colors in one basket. So, whether it’s your spouse, sibling, or friend, he or she will appreciate a basket of beautiful flowers

Orchid Flower Basket 

Being a golden year, the 30th Birthday needs to be celebrated elegantly. And which other flowers represent elegance more than orchids? Orchids are wonderful flowers that symbolize richness and wealth. They are also exotic flowers that are also available in different hues. Orchids convey beauty and love, making them beautiful flowers for a spouse celebrating their 30th Birthday. They also represent strength and are great flowers to send to your best friend. The best kind of orchids that will make a wonderful 30th birthday flower basket is all the bright hues the flower is available in. 

Gerbera Daisies 

No flower says have a blast on your 30th Birthday than gerbera daisies. These flowers are exquisite, fun, and vibrant. They come in all the bright hues you can think of, and you won’t go wrong if you decide to send them as a 30th birthday flower basket. They are the best types of flowers if you want to show your better half, your colleague, or your friend how much you care for him or her. To convey innocence, then the best type of daisies will be white. White daisies also represent peace and purity for that person who had always had your back from day one. You can also include several daisy hues in your basket if you want to. 

Best 30th Birthday Gift Ideas 

A Gift Voucher 

Sometimes you just want the celebrant to choose what he or she wants when celebrating the 30th Happy Birthday. If that is what it takes to impress your loved one on his or her 30th Birthday, then the best gift would be a gift voucher. By getting your recipient a gift voucher, they can decide what they want to get for themselves. The best thing about gift vouchers is that they are available in different amounts. Therefore, you can get one that suits your pocket. 

A Wall Art 

Life is expressed in various ways through art. If your recipient has an eye for great art, the 30th wall art will be a great gift idea to help celebrate this significant milestone in life. The beautiful wall art will work well when hung on the room wall or an office. Wall art also helps to beautify the space, making it one of the best 30th birthday ideas. This is an impressive gift that will last for a long time. 

Gym Subscription 

You are turning 30 calls for maintaining healthy habits like hitting the gym and staying fit. Another great 30th birthday gift that you can send someone close to you is a gym subscription. It can either be for six months or a whole year. Subscribing for a gym membership shows that you care for your recipient’s health and that you want him or her to live a healthy life. It’s also a great gift idea that suits anyone’s pockets. 

Go Camping


Camping offers a great way to celebrate the 30th Happy Birthday. Whether you are doing it as you cross over to the thirties or accompanying someone else in your life who is special and dear to you. Choose a place that you are familiar with, where you can easily find your way home. As you camp, take time to reflect on your life’s achievements and what you want to accomplish in the future. 


Nobody wants to celebrate his or her 30th Birthday in a boring way. So if you want to make someone feel special on his or her 30th Birthday, then these wonderful 30th birthday ideas will do the trick. For the best floral arrangement and interesting gifts for all occasions, you can count on Cosmea Gardens’ online flower delivery to deliver. 


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