7 Top Features of RXNT EHR Software

7 Top features of RXNT EHR Software


RXNT is a fully integrated medical software provider, offering EHR Software with e-Prescribing and Patient Portal for healthcare setups. The cloud-based interface provided by RXNT is user-friendly and affordable.

RXNT is one of the top EHR software that has efficiently transformed the medical practice by balancing administrative and clinical operations. You can switch to RXNT and get access to a wide variety of services. RXNT offers a range of electronic solutions for healthcare providers, including software for Practice Management, Electronic Health Records, and Electronic Prescribing.

The RXNT EHR Software offers total integration with other healthcare platforms to streamline organizational processes while maintaining the standard. The integration results in increased revenues and satisfied patients.

RXNT EHR Software

RXNT EHR Software provides access to tools and features that allow you to focus on patients without administrative tasks getting in the way. The EHR Software offered by RXNT helps practices of all sizes and specialities. The software streamlines your workflow by helping you manage patient data and communicate with patients and other healthcare providers easily. RXNT EHR software is an electronic health record system that makes practitioners’ lives easy by granting them the ability to access patient records in real-time which provides them with a complete medical history of their patients which enables users to examine their patients better in order to provide exceptional healthcare services. RXNT EHR software includes EPCS certified electronic prescribing as well. Moreover, the software meets MACRA requirements in order to achieve MIPS incentives.

Top Features of RXNT EHR Software

The RXNT EHR Software offers advanced features at a reasonable cost. The top features include the following.

Patient Portal

Health outcomes and patient satisfaction improve when your patients remain connected with their own care outside of immediate treatment. Likewise, healthcare setups also benefit from enhanced productivity when patients have access to different tools and features.

The RXNT patient portal is one such feature that allows the patients to take control of their own appointment schedules, prescriptions, billing modules and communicate with their healthcare provider.

Electronic Prescription

RXNT provides e-Prescription software that helps you save your organization’s time and resources. The e-Prescription feature ensures that the patients receive the medications they need without any error.

RXNT e-Prescription software offers flexibility, reliability, and efficiency, all at an affordable cost. This feature is known for transmitting specific prescriptions to patients, thereby improving patient care and clinical outcomes.


RXNT assists you with achieving interoperability through its EHR Software. The RXNT EHR Software is integrated with many software, e.g., the Practice Management system and other healthcare platforms, to improve patient care and streamline your workflow.

Interoperability allows you to exchange patient information in real-time and make a referral without relying upon numerous phone calls and emails. Patients also receive the care they need while you can ensure they have the most transparent and up-to-date information.

Widespread interoperability is a necessity for healthcare practices, and RXNT EHR Software ensures that very well.


The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought all healthcare providers to immense risk and danger. During times like these, Telehealth tools are of great help for you as they can reduce the risk of exposure.

RXNT Software helps you operate with minimal disruption during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The software allows you to document virtual patients visit side-by-side with telemedicine and easy billing solutions for your healthcare practice.

Overall, RXNT helps your practice prevent at-risk patients and staff from unnecessary exposure.

Customized Templates

RXNT EHR Software offers customized templates to help you streamline your documentation process. RXNT is also known for providing speciality-specific templates to maximize your clinical productivity.

RXNT also offers a wide variety of pre-made templates in the EHR, allowing your practice to transition from paper to electronic records smoothly.

Practice Management System

The practice management system integrated with RXNT EHR Software streamlines your previously time-consuming and costly administrative tasks. The practice management system reduces your organizational burden and helps you improve clinical workflow.

RXNT practice management software is ICD-10 compliant and is well equipped with very useful tools that enable users to charge revenue, conduct billing, and collect and schedule patients across multiple locations. Mobile check-ins are also granted to the patients where easily the software can automatically check and scrub code and also request for claims.

The practice management system increases productivity and improves practice efficiency with Billing and Scheduling. Altogether, healthcare specialities of all sizes, from small family practices to large physician organizations, use RXNT EHR Software.

Medical Billing

RXNT automatic Medical Billing services are easy to grasp. RXNT cost-effective solution to all practices is one of the best options out there in the market. The cloud-based system allows users to access the software from anywhere. The entire claims process—from charge capture to full reimbursement—can be managed for multiple practices in one central location.

RXNT also offers scheduling, and e-prescribing as stand-alone products.

RXNT offers feature-rich medical billing software that streamlines the billing process for your healthcare setup. This feature allows you to spend more time delivering patient care.

RXNT is also integrated with clearinghouse services, which means you don’t have to upload claims, download payments, or access another solution to check claim or payment statuses. This feature also allows your clients to capture payments at check-in, check-out, or with online patient bill pay.

RXNT EHR Pricing

RXNT offers four different pricing models, which are as follows.

  • Monthly EHR Subscription

The monthly EHR subscription is suitable for small practices that have a reasonable amount of software requirements. The charge for a monthly EHR subscription is $85 per month.

  • Yearly EHR Subscription

The yearly EHR subscription cost is $900 per year. Both monthly and annual subscriptions allow you access to EHR, e-prescribing along with customer training and support.

  • Monthly Full Suite Subscription

The monthly full suite subscription allows you to make the most of your healthcare technology at $320 per month. The entire suite includes EHR Software, e-prescribing, practice management, patient portal, billing, and scheduling.

  • Yearly Full Suite Subscription

The full yearly suite is appropriate for large practices and is the best-value subscription option at $2,500 per year.

Final Thoughts about RXNT EHR

We have summarized the top features of RXNT EHR Software for you. This outline will help you make a better decision regarding which features provided by RXNT are essential for your healthcare setup.


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