6 Stunning Website Tends Every Business Should Adopt in 2021

website trends 2021

As we enter a new decade, it’s worth pausing to consider how much has transformed in the last ten years, particularly in website trends. As technology has advanced rapidly, so have customer preferences, requiring web designers to adapt their styles to catch pace constantly.


Consider this: just ten years ago, mobile websites were scarce, and those that did exist were not particularly user-friendly. Fast forward to today, and users demand fast web pages that are well-designed and simple to be using, making modern web design more important than ever for businesses. First impressions are important in business, and we are not talking about your elevator pitch.


It only requires 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for an individual to make an informed judgment regarding your webpage. For some, your website trends first perception is the only impression they’ll ever have of your company.


So, how would you build a strong relationship and impression that lasts? More crucially, understand and put into practice the web design trends that have been shown to impress potential clients and make your brand successful. Search engine optimization is yet another aspect and trend of an effective website. Hiring the best SEO service provider in Dallas will make your website visible in the top search engines.


But do visitors pay attention to your website design? Does it matter to them? They do, indeed. Web design influences the legitimacy of 75% of people who visit your website. Keeping up with web design trends is critical, but it’s easier than it sounds, particularly when you’re selling a product.

If you want to give your website an advanced makeover, check out the following website trends for motivation:

1) Dark Mode

Users are increasingly choosing to be using the “dark mode” attribute on mobile phones and favorite apps due to the emergence of this feature. It’s not only easier to read for all of us who are continuously staring at screens, but it’s also visibly clean and simple.

Whenever a black or dark background is combined with vibrant colors call-to-action icons across the site, the design elements stand out even more while also providing the user with an aesthetically smooth transition.

2) The <Video> Element

It’s no mystery that the web is evolving – or has already progressed – into a video graphics medium. Video will account for 82% of all web traffic in 2021. This is not a fad to be treated lightly.

The bad thing first: videography takes more time, cash, and assets. I’m glad we got that out of the way. Now for the great news: video does a fantastic job of articulating your company’s values and priorities that neither copy nor static photos can. Video is extremely crucial when marketing a conceptual product or service. Consider Stripe Sigma’s feature page, which integrates video into its design to present a complex concept understandably and persuasively.

There’s more great news for SEO enthusiasts. As per Video Explainers (via MarTech), incorporating a video to your webpage can boost your likelihood of ranking on the first page of search results by 53 times.

3) Hand-Drawn Elements and Graphics

Hand-drawn elements are reintroducing traditional design with a modern twist. Whether that’s fixed cartoon characters, hand-lettered iconography, and illustrations, or hand-drawn animations, website designs are beginning to reintroduce the constructive, warm, and almost cozy feelings from such amazing and personalized designs.


After all, hand-drawn designs reassure us of the humans behind the work, which is often overlooked in today’s tech-dominated globe, where futuristic design elements have taken control in an attempt to check forward-facing over the last decade. However, no matter how often innovation pervades our personal and professional lives, we would always be operating with human beings. Incorporating a human aspect into our design elements serves as a reminder of that.

4) Content Hubs and EBooks

And there is always a demand for information; creating quality content is among the major factors leading and building brand value. Do you know what sort of information your target audience seeks? Is this information something you or a member of your team can give them access to?

If you answered yes, you’ve just discovered a fantastic and amazing content marketing strategy: web books. Web books are eBooks designed specifically for the website trends. Your website should be an ultra-magnetic and the great sites inspire engagement and do more than generate traffic.

Your website can be very attractive, but not everyone will succeed. A great website is more than just generating traffic. They encourage participation. The center may (or may) involve participation (e.g. reading, sharing, registering, searching, purchasing, participating, etc.). Your hub could be 100% blog-based, but a combination of multiple channels across multiple media removes barriers to entry and attracts more diverse media users.

Content Center is a flexible platform where you can post any content you like (or more importantly, what content your audience likes). The media collection can contain videos, audio, information technology, slides, articles, paper, or any digital media.

5) Visible Grids

As the names suggest, design grids are a sequence of horizontal and vertical lines that converge numerous times, providing a structure for designers to collaborate within instead of chaos-free space. However, a growing trend in web design is displaying the grids after the design is complete. If they are lighter or more powerful gridlines, seeking to make them noticeable at all gives a smooth, structured site design gives sites a polished look.

6) White Space Frames

In 2021, minimalism is the key to success. This is why designing a website with centered content placed in front of white spaces is among the major factors determining that all of the visitor’s attention on the actual product or service your site is offering. White spaces not only create a difference, but they also communicate efficiently and draw attention to the unique words or visuals you would like your viewers to focus on.


Mia is an experienced Web designer. She has been using her innovative and software engineering/programming knowledge to create, construct and enhance websites. Moreover, Mia fully comprehends customer experience and is capable of building easily understandable websites. Her extensive experience working with Dallas Search Engine Optimization Services is a plus for our client.



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