6 Best Practices for Online Businesses to Create Captivating Custom Rigid Packaging

custom rigid boxes

There is no doubt that people love online shopping for its convenience and quickly comparing prices. However, this doesn’t imply that there is no room for improvement. Custom rigid packaging design is one aspect that e-commerce businesses should seriously look into as it can significantly impact customer experience and loyalty.  

More than 80% of the e-commerce packaging complaints have something to do with product damage or breakage. This bound product manufacturers and online retailers to consider investing in high-quality custom rigid boxes that are optimized to drive the loyalty of the end customers. Below are a few best practices for online merchants to create compelling packaging designs. 

  • Strive to Create an Appropriate Size 

If your products are shipped out through a leading e-commerce entity like eBay or Amazon, you probably do not have control over the final packaging. However, if you are selling products via your own website or online store, you will have more control over the packaging. In this scenario, make sure your wholesale rigid boxes have an appropriate size that perfectly hugs the product. 

A product box that is too generous or skimpy won’t prove a good investment. The bigger packaging size will increase your shipping cost and the risk of breakage because it fails to keep the contents of the box in their place. On the other hand, a small packaging solution greatly increases the risk of damage because it won’t cover the product from all sides. 

  • Create a Fantastic Unboxing Experience  

Bear in mind, the simpler the unveiling experience, the happier your customers are. Of course, people are always keen to get their hands on their purchases, yet they also want their goods to arrive in first-rate condition. So, you have to be very careful when developing custom rigid packaging for your e-commerce business because customers hate hard plastic clamshell packaging or any other encasing that binds you to use tools during the opening. 

  • Use Packages that also Works as a Storage Container 

When you use a robust packaging solution like wholesale rigid boxes to store your products, everyone wins. That’s not the only case for goods people keep in boxes, such as shoes. With people buying more and more products online, using packages that double as a storage container offers simplicity and elegance that will help drive customer loyalty. 

  • Cash in On the Branding Opportunity    

While simplicity and minimalism are the hottest trends in packaging design, it is hard to ignore the terrific branding opportunity your custom rigid boxes provide. When your product boxes and overall branding are in line, you can strengthen your brand image by presenting your online business in ways you may not have been able to do before. 

  • Leverage Inserts to Build Brand Loyalty 

When used judiciously, packaging inserts can aid you in keeping customers coming back for more. If you are aiming for customer retention, packaging inserts can be a terrific investment to announce new product launches, mega discounts, or simply expressing your gratitude to the customers for their purchase. 

  • Use Greener Packaging Material 

With the advent of new packaging technologies, brands are in a more comfortable situation than ever before when it comes to encasing their products. For example, they can use boxes that efficiently protect products, look terrific, create a positive image of the brand, and improve sustainability. Today, people are more sustainability-oriented than before. They don’t just keep brands on their radar that take concrete steps to protect the environment and show their appreciation by suggesting them to others and making repeat purchases from the business.   


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