6 Best Huawei P30 Pro Phone Cases in 2021


There are several different types of cases out there that will work well but we’re going to tell you some of the best Huawei P30 Pro phone cases so far in 2021.

Huawei’s latest phone, the Huawei P30 Pro is an amazing device with a ton of features and specs that makes it one of the best Android phones on the market. This phone has a gorgeous design, powerful specs, and an amazing camera that lets you capture stunning shots from far away or up close. But even though it’s tough to beat this phone in terms of quality, there are still some things we don’t like about it. The battery life could be better and the overall weight is also a little high for some people to handle comfortably.

With how expensive this device can get, you’ll want to be extra careful about protecting your investment by getting a great case for it. What are some good cases for my Huawei P30 Pro? That said, if you’re looking for cases for your Huawei P30 Pro then we’ve got you covered! We’ve researched all over the internet to find 6 of our favorite cases that will help protect your device while also adding style points with their cool designs. Let’s dive into the list of top-quality Huawei P30 Pro phone cases that you can buy in 2021.

1- Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style Case


The Huawei P30 Pro comes in more vivid colors than ever before, ranging from Amber Rising to Breathe Crystal. Pick up a clear case to show off your favorite color while holding your phone looking brand new. One of the best Huawei P30 Pro phone cases which offer both clarity and safety is the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style case.

You have a military-standard 810G approved case when you combine shock-absorbent TPU and PC materials with a style that supports corner safety. This phone case has elevated markings to retain your smartphone partially raised when set down. This keeps it safe from scratches unlike many of the other cases that get stains or marks on their backs. If you have concerns about the yellow color, don’t worry, this phone case also offers a Black design.

2- Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Huawei P30 Pro Case


The Rugged Armor is a fantastic case from Spigen that we greatly appreciate. Although the Rugged Armor’s architecture isn’t the most flashy, it does the basics exceptionally well at a value you’ll appreciate. The TPU architecture provides excellent protection, the button wraps are incredibly sensitive, and Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology protects the mobile from even the most damaging falls.

The Spigen Rugged Armor Case is a robust but lightweight hybrid case that strikes a delicate balance between safety and reliability. It doesn’t have much in the way of design at the moment, with only a traditional black design available, but it provides solid security at a fair price.

3- Huawei P30 Pro Smart View Flip Cover


The Smart View Flip Cover is our preference of Huawei’s official line of P30 Pro products, which includes a range of custom-built cases. With a transparent fold that allows alerts and other home screen data to be viewed right through it, this is one of the best folio-style Huawei phone cases which covers your phone’s screen.

The cover has a tiny magnetic flap that prevents the screen from shifting around while not in use and automatically sleeps and wakes the device. The unfortunate thing is that the backside of the case doesn’t have much falling support. Although it has a grippy surface that lets you hold the phone in your hand and avoid drops. Alongside its lack of protection, this is a pretty effective phone case that is convenient for anyone who slips their device in and out of their pocket many times each day.

4- Ringke Fusion-X Compatible with Huawei P30 Pro


Because of its amazing mixture of solid, transparent polycarbonate on the back and versatile TPU bumper, this Ringke case provides heavy drop safety. As a consequence, your Huawei P30 Pro should be protected from most falls at shoulder height.

If you just want your handset to look professional, the Ringke Fusion-X is a great choice. The P30 Pro is fantastic by itself, but the Fusion X’s combination of a transparent case with a robust and elegant bumper is a design you won’t see anywhere else.

If you have got a color scheme model of the Huawei P30 Pro, this case protects it from scratches and scuffs while empowering you to showcase its classy look. It’s worth noting that the clear window will reveal dirt stuck behind the case more quickly, thus requiring more frequent cleaning.

5- Olixar Rugged Armour Case


Olixar’s Rugged Armour Case can appear charming at first glance. But it conceals two layers of drop resistance intended to keep your Huawei P30 Pro secure. This case offers a solid range of safety features without adding too much weight. All thanks to the use of both shock-absorbing TPU and scratch-resistant items.

Olixar’s extreme case has an aggressive look, as well as a solid polycarbonate panel and a docile TPU shell. To keep dirt away, there are crunchy button covers and a socket, as well as additional strengthening on the edges.

Although the materials included making this case feel cheap in the hands and could even be grippier, they are the industry norm for phone covers. Angle styles are used in this design to distribute shock effects through the phone’s surface instead of wobbling it. The Olixar phone case also features an elevated bezel to safeguard your P30 Pro from both the front and back.

6- Spigen Neo Hybrid Case


The Spigen Neo Hybrid is the best phone case for Huawei P30 Pro. This modern take on a classic design combines a TPU shell with a polycarbonate top edge to provide protection and style without sacrificing quality or price point. It features curves that are specific to the device, tactile buttons for easy feedback during use. It also has cutouts in all of the right places so you can do everything from charge your battery swiftly while protecting it at the same time.

The Spigen Neo Hybrid offers an affordable solution when searching for high-quality cases compatible with smartphones like Huawei’s latest model – The P30 pro. These stylish designs offer both durability and functionality through their unique material composition: combining tough thermoplastic urethane (TPU).

The backend layer not only adds visual appeal while remaining subtle, but it also provides extra grasp. The refined appearance is completed by a glossy black frame over the case’s end. The separately textured button caps are a useful design element. These essentially indicate the gap between both the volume and power keys.


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