5 Reasons Why SharePoint Intranet is Best Solution for Your Organization

Sharepoint Application Development

SharePoint intranet increase the team engagement with work, helps the business to grow. With continuous technological advancement, the way a company can work and operate is in constant evolution. A computer device like a laptop or smartphone does most of the thing in a business launching process. Out of many advancements in the tech sector, some do not last long and fade away. However, SharePoint application development is not destined to face the fade. Instead, SharePoint is the sun that can light up the organization’s intranet world.

It is a dynamic platform and can be adaptive as one wants it for their workplace environment. It offers high customization to make corporate collaboration and file sharing effective, quick, and straightforward. With that, an organization expects to improve its digital productivity by making information and file exchange between team members a non-headache process. The difference becomes clearly visible when a firm implements the exemplary intranet service.

Using SharePoint intranet comes with lots of benefits. Please continue to read to find some of them. They undoubtedly will inspire you.

Why are Companies Shifting on the SharePoint Intranet?

SharePoint is a highly reliable platform backing up from the tech giant Microsoft. It is subject to continuous improvements and amendments, making it the top option to choose for organizations. For many of the reasons, the core one is adaptability. SharePoint bundles with numerous customization features to suit your needs. You can customize them as much as you want to extend or tune the platform’s functionality. Along with that, there is also a cloud-based version of SharePoint with Office 365, known as SharePoint Online.

Reasons for Using the SharePoint as Intranet Solution

The pioneer in intranet solution providers is Microsoft SharePoint. It became the beloved collaboration platform for everyone since its inception in 2001. It is interesting to know why companies are opting for SharePoint to fulfill their intranet requirements. It undoubtedly brings effectiveness and convenience in the team members’ working process innovatively, improving working productivity.

Let’s go through with the list, mentioning some unavoidable reasons to implement SharePoint intranet.

1.     Offer Scalability, Customization, and Flexibility

The powerful attribute that the platform offers is scalability. Whether your firm consists of 50, 500, or even 10,000 employees, SharePoint is highly flexible and scalable for any size of the firm. With that, the company achieves content services, better employees’ communication, effective collaboration, finding others, and a lot more. As it is flexible to change, an organization can adjust and restructure it anytime they feel the need to in the future.

An organization’s size and priorities change over time, and performing readjustments in the system becomes a big hassle. However, SharePoint understands the dynamic industry environment very well and offers immense options to tailor the platform. It does not restrict you from sticking to their provided environment. In fact, it encourages you to modify it as per your convenience and working style.

2.     Social and Collaborative Features

SharePoint used to be a platform only accessible within the premises. But now, things are upgraded on the other level. We can understand SharePoint as a big box full of social and collaborative features to innovate the workflow. It is a complete intranet ecosystem and valuable addition to the workplace, engaging employees in a fun interactive way.

Some people often confuse SharePoint Application as a social media, but it is not the one. It may look like it because of features like creating a profile, mentioning interest, job details, peers, etc. You can also search for other colleagues working in the company to make a communication channel and improve the team interaction overall. Microsoft is a real king on the intranet, sitting on the throne.

3.     Advance Management of Documents

The mean of collaboration is incomplete without proper document and information management. Thankfully, SharePoint Application completes this circle by providing efficient and effective file organization. It channelizes business intelligence with high precision.

A beautiful, organized dashboard here successfully replaces the method of finding relevant information through giant email stacks.

One does not face the overlap situation when working in the SharePoint intranet ecosystem. An employee can work efficiently with the information they want. Also, the platform is supporting the workplace with a paperless environment. One can upload and work with E-versions of a file very efficiently.

All in all, if implemented correctly, it is the most powerful collaboration tool, capable of transforming the traditional workplace into a digitized environment.

4.     Modernized Experience

With SharePoint app development, an organization experience the language of the modern digital world. There are eye-appealing designs, an intuitive user experience, helpful design templates, and an ongoing list of features that make the platform the best option to choose.

On top of that, Microsoft pushes continued updates to SharePoint, making it a stable and sustainable platform.

Today’s SharePoint Application is in a different form and cannot be compared with its previous state. Now it is a complete intranet solution, offering services beyond the organization’s needs.

5.     The ecosystem of Office 365

SharePoint is the segment of the Office 365 suite, consisting of numerous built-in features and options. Some of them are Planner, OneDrive, Yammer, Skype for business, Delve, and several others. There is nothing that you can say that Microsoft has missed. It has more than enough to offer, completing the intranet solution.

There is a big room for improving the business process cycle and automating the reporting with tools like Power BI and Power Automate.

You can even now integrate artificial intelligence and Microsoft automation in the SharePoint Online cloud version. The association of intranet with Office 365 makes a fully digital workspace goal much more achievable.

Widget Support for Advance Users (Bonus)

SharePoint involves elements for data management and storage, process and content management, and more straight out of the pack.  Tweaking with SharePoint’s flexible variety of components allows users even more possibilities to change their interaction with the system and build a highly personalized intranet for the organization if you have a devoted SharePoint admin.

To Sum Up

In the end, we can say that the Microsoft SharePoint intranet comes with tons of benefits, making itself the must-have for any organization. Including small and midsize businesses (SMB) and Multinational companies (MNCs), SharePoint is the one-stop solution for all workflow automating needs.

The SharePoint Application system’s working mechanism is intuitive and resembles the interfaces that we usually experience in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. So, configuring and working with SharePoint intranet does not sound complicated. Many of the things a non-tech user can manage by themselves without writing the code or programs. However, you will require the SharePoint developer to develop the module or extension to extend the functionality further.

For such purpose, consider a SharePoint development company like Cubix that holds immense expertise in building a customized collaboration system for the companies. They consist of an experienced developer’s squad who integrate your requirement into a system very professionally.


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