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5 Best Black Celebrity Bob Haircuts Of 2021

Stunning queen bee bob cut hair
Stunning queen bee bob cut hair
The bob is a classic haircut that never goes out of style, and this year is no exception. There are numerous appealing and on-trend ways to wear your bob, from a sleek side part to e-girl highlights, baby bangs, and natural hair. The goal is to select a bob hairstyle that compliments your hair type and personal style. While some facial shapes are more suited to shorter haircuts than others, the bob haircuts is a versatile hairstyle customized to fit anyone. Bob cut hair is an excellent choice for anyone with fine hair. Your ideal bob will enhance your individuality while also flattering your facial shape and characteristics. Your stylist may make the perfect bob for you by changing the color, adding a fringe, cut in layers, adding more volume and texture, or making the cut asymmetric.

While certain hairstyles come and go, a bob haircut will never go out of style. While the cropped cut on short layered hair can be scary, it is a timeless style. Going chin-length is instantly eye-catching and draws attention to your face; plus, it is a lot less hair to deal with.

Various Bob Haircuts

Blunt bob hair

A single-length bob haircuts is typical of a classic bob hairstyle. This process gives hair more “weight” and volume, allowing it to show off its natural beauty and luster. Keep in mind that a bob haircut highlights all hair structure flaws, particularly split ends. There are several techniques and types of bob haircuts for women available nowadays. On flawlessly smooth and lustrous hair, short and medium-length bobs with bangs look exquisite. The shape of a bob haircut can be visually correct or softened with moderate cutting at the ends, depending on your style and face shape. Long asymmetrical front tresses, edgy bottom shapes, and a feathery finish are among the most fashionable varieties in 2021.

 Styling Bob Hair

Style bob in curls

Sleek straight bobs are certainly impressive, but chaotic waves and curls are a distinct styling tale that allows you to appear different and never get bored with your hairstyle. Flat ironing your hair at the roots and weaving it into flashy curls at the ends is a unique variety of bob styling that would certainly call your attention to.

 This highly fashionable bob haircut is seen in a lot of celebs these days. Short bobs, long bobs, and bobs with medium-length hair are all popular today. Many celebrities, including Beyonce, Rihanna, Halle Berry, Kerry Washington, have been seen with bob haircuts on various occasions. It looks just as dazzling on celebrities with curly hair as it does on celebrities with straight or wavy hair. A little drama and finish will give the celebrity look that extra edge. Bob hairstyles are relatively easy to maintain and style. Celebrity bob hairstyles need less effort to manage yet still look flawless and stunning.

Check out the ideas for the 5 Best Black Celebrity Bob Haircuts of 2021 and get inspired before your next head to the salon.

1. Choppy Layered Bob- Halle Berry

Choppy bob with baby bangs

Is Halle Berry responsible for the revival of the choppy layered bob haircuts? The actress is confidently flaunting her short layered hair in a choppy bob hairstyle. A shag haircut is the epitome of choppy bob hairstyles. A shag bob haircut is perfect for short to medium hair because it has many layers and a messy finish. While it looks good on thick hair, it is especially good for fine hair that lacks volume and movement.

2. Rihanna’s Textured Bob Haircuts

Textured bob hair

This face-flattering bob haircut features a split fringe and a wavy texture to perfection. Rihanna’s textured bob hairstyle is proof that loose curls can be stylish when cut above the shoulders. This is one of our favorite daily African American hairstyles right now since it’s young, natural, and simple to tousle in the morning. Only oval faces look good with a center parting, but if you do, it’s a highly fashionable appearance! A long-layered bob with textured tips creates a delicate and feathery edge in this naturally popular haircut. Use a finishing spray and achieve that stylish  bob hair like Ri ri!

3. Kerry Washington-Asymmetric Bob Haircuts

Bob with a subtle golden brown hue


If you are afraid of drastic changes, follow Kerry Washington’s lead and cut a few more inches off your hair every time you go to the salon. This is another popular hairstyle for spring/summer that is suitable for straight, thick hair. Vintage apparel from the 1950s and 1960s thrives in the fashion world, and this back-combed (teased) rendition of an asymmetric bob haircut by Kerry is the perfect finishing touch! Warm complexion tones will benefit from the all-over blonde in white-gold blonde, and the dark roots will give sharp contrast as the hair grows.

4. Beyoncé Knowles-Voluminous Bob Haircuts

Voluminous bob cut hair

Take a cue from Beyoncé’s retro voluminous cropped bob haircut for women with thick, curly hair. This super-shiny medium bob is perfect for a smart woman on the go! The short layered hair is cut in sliced, vertical layers and meticulously molded to curl under at the blunt-cut ends with a strong, solid contour. Because the hair flows over the sides of the face to disguise a strong jaw, this Beyonce-inspired hairstyle suits oval, round, and square faces. Enhance the curls with some curl defining spray and add definition to your curly bob hair.

5.Ciara’s Messy Casual Bob Haircuts

Casual messy bob

Slay this messy bob hairstyle like the gorgeous Ciara! This is a popular hairstyle for most ladies with an oval facial shape and the ability to pull off a center part. It looks great on medium-thick hair that is straight or slightly wavy, with shaggy layers that start approximately halfway down the length of the hair. The back is significantly shorter, and the tips are textured to produce a little ragged, messy bob haircut outline. As a result, the profile has a shaggy angled down to the front. Although this is a straight African American bob haircut, the long sliced layers give a gorgeous curving shape, and if you style it back from the face, you will receive more focus on your eyes! Wearing easy ponytail extensions will give you ample areas to work for recreating a stylish high ponytail

6.Slay Bob Haircuts

Flawless bob hair
Flawless bob hair

There’s a reason why fashion editors the world over adore the long bob hairstyle, sometimes known as the ‘lob.’ Because the cut ends several inches below the chin, it flatters all facial shapes and is incredibly elegant, trendy, and easy to maintain. Unlike a bob, you won’t end up with a wide or squared-off face.

7.Short Hair With Pixie Cut

Rock the pixie cut
Rock the pixie cut

Any woman with long hair who desires a sleek, stylish cut with body and movement should strive for this. The key ingredient is a combination of layers. The shortest layers are merely there to frame the face; the majority of the layers are mid-length.

8.Short Bob Haircuts

classic short Bob hair
classic short Bob hair

Short hairstyles built on the foundation of short choppy haircuts provide the sassiest eye-catching low-maintenance looks with quick style points. Whatever your hair type, you’ll find a wide range of fantastic short hairstyles here, including short wavy hairstyles, natural short haircuts, short punk hairstyles, and short hairstyles for thick or fine hair. short hair never looked this good before!

9.Bob Haircuts For Curly Natural

Curly Bob Hair
Curly Bob Hair

Allow your curly hair weave to flow freely and embrace its natural texture. To create this natural curly bob haircut, all you need is the appropriate product. This look can take you from the office to after-work cocktails and is both liberating and low-maintenance.

10.Compliment Worthy Pixie Hair

Attractive pixie
                                       Attractive pixie

A pixie cut is a short women’s haircut that is commonly seen on stylish gamine women. If you’re a tomboy at heart or just want to change things up a little and don’t mind a crop, a pixie haircut is a way to go! You’ll lose most of your hair, but you’ll gain a simple wash-and-go style, a fashionable edge, and plenty of comments.

11.Wavy Asymmetrical Bob With Balayage Colors

wavy asymmetrical bob with balayage colors
wavy asymmetrical bob with balayage colors

There is no better way to flaunt the asymmetry than with waves, and it looks amazing with bronde balayage tones. Create beautiful waves throughout your asymmetrical bob haircut and make heads turn in 2021. 

Pair this stunner with a beautiful outfit, depending on where you are going. 


12.Short Bob Haircut With Bangs

short bob with bangs
short bob with bangs

Bangs are a great way to achieve a youthful appearance and also helps frame your face. When it comes to styling bangs, there is more than one way to do it. Ditch the regular styling method and side-sweep them instead. 

Tuck one side behind the ear and part your bangs on the other side. This trick is a perfect way to flaunt your good side. 

Achieve the same look with a bob wig with bangs.

Flat iron the hair to achieve a sleek look. Get creative with your baby hair and top it off with a beautiful pair of earrings. 

13.Deep Side-Parted Bob With Sharp Ends

deep side aprted bob with sharp ends
Deep side a parted bob with sharp ends

This deep side-parted bob with sharp ends is another stunning bob haircut that looks great on women of all ages. 

Whether you straighten or curl this haircut, the sharp ends will provide a unique and mysterious look. Do a deep side part and show off your makeup skills by tucking one side behind the ear. 

Pair this beautiful haircut with jumbo hoop earrings. You can dress this hair up or down depending on the event. 

14.Curly And Voluminous Bob

curly and voliminous bob
curly and voluminous bob

A curly and voluminous bob haircut is perfect for women with afro curls because the hair has a ton of volume without even trying. Achieve a beautiful glow with the curly and voluminous asymmetrical bob haircut. 

Use a curl-enhancing cream to revive the curls. You can even wear a curly bob wig if you aren’t sure about cutting your hair yet. A curly bob hair wig will give you a beautiful look that you can style however you want. 

15.Asymmetrical Bob Haircut With Loose Spiral Waves

asymmetrical bob haircut with loose spiral waves
asymmetrical bob haircut with loose spiral waves

This asymmetrical bob haircut looks effortless and chic. Create beautiful loose spiral waves to achieve volume and a fuller look. 

Accentuate the asymmetry by side-parting your bob haircut and pair this chic haircut with a crop top this year. 


Get inspired by these attractive black celebrity-inspired bob haircuts and flaunt your favorite bob hairstyle with confidence and ease. You will not regret these classic choices that transcend the trends and make you look like a diva!


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