3 Types of Profitable Business Opportunities in 2021


Profitable Business Opportunities in 2021

Running a private business has been a common practice for a long time by everyone around the world. Even though that person already has a permanent job, for various reasons they often do side business jobs.

In general, the purpose of people doing odd jobs is to make ends meet. Every time the development of daily necessities of daily life is getting bigger and more complex, it must be fulfilled, especially if it is coupled with secondary needs which every time tempts people to spend more money to get it.

Whatever it is, if the purpose of running your own business is for the good of yourself and others then that’s fine. Sometimes building a business is also because there are business opportunities that can be done and of course you can get bigger profits.

Leveraging Technology – Business Opportunities in 2021

Profitable Business Opportunities
Profitable Business Opportunities

Business Using Technology

Now is not the time to introduce and sell goods and services door to door, spreading leaflets on the streets, traveling everywhere using loudspeakers, and other old-school marketing methods. The internet as an information and communication technology is a digital medium that is able to cross all parts of the earth without any time and space limitations.

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A business, if it still uses traditional and conventional methods, can cause it to collapse before standing. That is due to conventional marketing methods, every broad in scope, the more they require large capital and a long time to introduce their business products.

Take full advantage of internet technology as an online marketing strategy, because there are still many opportunities and hopes to disseminate their products and services so that they can be recognized by many people wherever they are. Efficient time and effort and capital are absolutely necessary for business actors in the era of digital technology.

3 Great Profitable Business Opportunities

Business opportunities can arise because the market is always looking for an alternative and innovative product or service and has both specific and general uses. You can use everything around it to build a business. In this article, to start 2020, there are many business opportunity ideas that can be done by individuals or groups.

2021 Business Opportunities


The business power of this type is very large and timeless because handicrafts are identified with art so that every time new innovations and developments from previous products can emerge. The art of handwork can be produced from various materials that are around us, including the types of profitable business opportunities.

The handicraft business does not always come from new raw materials, but can also take advantage of used items that are not of much use to waste. It only takes creativity so that the goods produced can have high economic value.

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Many people have used and waste goods by recycling so as to produce unique handicraft items and even sell them overseas. Craft products from used cans, used glasses, used plates, wood waste, shells, used newspaper, and many more can generate a turnover with fantastic value.

One example that is easy and has been done is that the author even gets orders from several big cities, namely using used newspapers. Instead of having to rewrite it again, please read the previous article about the Used Newspaper paper Recycled Craft Business Opportunity.

Remember, their success does not come suddenly and is achieved in a short time. The process of time, effort, and thought is very long so that you get a product that really has “value”.

Culinary business

There were many kinds of food and drink, until now. Starting from traditional culinary to the present. The culinary business is arguably a business that never ends even though it has changed times because basically eating and drinking are the main needs of humans.

One thing that needs to be understood is that without any innovation you do it will be temporary and will not generate the profits you want. Likewise, with the culinary business, business people must really have new innovations from product development that are common in the market.

The culinary innovation in question does not make a completely new product, for example, if you make a steamed sponge cake, the inside is given liquid chocolate, it is served warm and when you bite it, it will break in the mouth. Simple, right? but the practice is not that simple.

Online business

Internet is now not a luxury and rare, everyone can use it at any time without any time and space restrictions. Moreover, almost everyone has a smartphone or smartphone, even more than one cell phone.

Based on a report by the digital marketing research institute Emarketer in 2018, it is estimated that the number of active smartphone users in Indonesian society is more than 100 million people. As a developing country, Indonesia can be categorized as having a large digital market potential because active users are high and always increasing.

It is not surprising that Indonesia is being targeted by many digital business players, especially from abroad, because it sees the potential for a profitable digital economy. Online business opportunities are always there and continue to grow, so they must be used intelligently and wisely in order to become a profitable business.

There are many types of online business, even each type can be developed again. Buying and selling of goods and services online is widely available in the digital universe. All of them have the potential to generate business profits of varying value.

An online business can be started as a side home business. No need to work using uniforms, free work time, not bound by various rules and routines like conventional work, which is a profitable option for those who want additional income.

The 3 tips for business opportunities in 2020 above can be attractive and of course profitable if done professionally. Do it starting from the easiest and simplest thing first, namely as a side business. After undergoing the process of time and success, improve it at a higher level so that it can truly become an innovative and quality business product.


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