11 Important Accessories for an Accessible and Convenient Bathroom


The bathroom is a crucial part of the house. Without it, the quality of living is obviously incomplete and poor. It is the room where each individual does personal hygiene matters. Truly, the bathroom is a must, and it should always be in good working condition. 

Aside from the fact that the existence of at least one bathroom is very important inside every home, its usability and comfort should also be excellent. Utilizing the shower room should not present any hassle and harm to the people living in the house and to the guests visiting it too. One way of making it effective is by installing components that best suit the users’ needs and that best suit everything done in bathrooms. 

To improve the functionality of your bathroom, you better check out the tailor-made list below. Here are 11 important accessories for an accessible and convenient bathroom. They allow the comfort room to be pleasant and conducive, so you will have a generally good time using it! Read on. 


bathroom hook and bar

Entering the bathroom to freshen up, change clothes, rinse garments or scrub the toilet, you carry in materials for use. 

Of course, a body towel is highly essential for every person who takes a bath. Sometimes, you immediately wear your clothes in the bathroom after showering, so you just bring the clothes there too. For these items and more, hooks and metals bars are needed!

You cannot just place your things on the floor. Imagine letting your body towel lie down there. It’s impossible! That’s why hooks and bars where you can hang garments, towels, mini rugs and plastic bags are fundamental. 

For the hooks, you can just buy plastic versions that stick to the wall using a certain type of adhesive. Meanwhile, for the long bars, let your new home builders or home remodeling expert fasten them. 

Visitors who use your comfort room to take a bath or change clothes will not find it difficult to move around and arrange their stuff if hooks and bars can assist them. Since they are unfamiliar to your comfort room, these attachments will be very friendly to them. 

If you have been to a resort with a shower room that does not have any area to put your shampoo bottles, soaps and dry clothes on, you will know and understand the frustration that hookless and barless lavatories bring!


One of the most essential items to bring inside the comfort room is a roll or pack of tissue paper. For public restrooms, owning yours is a necessity, specifically if the restroom is not complete with tissue provisions. 

Inside your own abode, there must be a roll of tissue paper available for all. Needless to say, it should be placed in an uncomplicated wall-mounted tissue roll holder. 

Why mention ‘uncomplicated’? Because there are some styles of tissue holders that make pulling and tearing the tissue paper difficult. The user ends up getting much longer tissue sashes than needed. It’s quite hard and a waste of tissue as well. 

Make sure to have your tissue holder installed tightly and solidly. Situate it on a stretch that isn’t far from the toilet bowl. 


bathroom soap dish

Homeowners, especially the females and the skin-conscious ones, tend to have a lot of soaps in the bathroom. While there are those who are content with one soap for all body parts, there are people who use one soap for the face, one for the body, one of the hands, one for the back and so on and so forth. If you belong to these kinds of humans, soap dishes are key properties!

Soap dishes hold your soap bars, so they won’t be placed on top of just whatever. Dirt can cling to your soap if you simply store it on a random area above the sink or on free corners in the lavatory. The same can happen if insects visit your soap. These dishes keep it clean and away from yucky stuff and parasites that might cleave to it. 

To separate your soap from other hygienic materials communally used at home, like liquid hand soaps, garment cleaners and shampoos, use soap dishes. Furthermore, soap bars can leave hard-to-erase stains on bathroom tiles, particularly those with vibrant colors, so use soap dishes to avoid them.


If you don’t have a solid divider, such as a wooden or glass door, between your shower area and toilet bowl, a shower curtain is very helpful. 

Diverse colors, styles, patterns and prints are there to choose from. You can find the size that fits your bathroom. Shower curtains are useful, plus they can be stylish as you please!


comfort room rug

Whether you like it or not, restroom floors get moistened and drenched. As this house area is mainly for taking a bath, peeing and moving the bowels, it’s impossible for its floors to constantly stay dry.

Because of that, bathroom floors are often slippery, so mishaps happen in it. To prevent yourself from getting in danger because of wet feet and wet floors, purchase and place a bath mat.

Some rugs are ineffective and actually slippery on their own, so they do not match bathroom floors. Choose a bath mat made with materials that make it snuggly and stress-free to use. Look for those with rubber bases. Consider those that do not retain or produce unwanted odors after getting soaked with water.


Do not ignore the importance of trash bins inside the bathroom. If you do not want users to irresponsibly throw their tissue paper into the toilet bowl, provide a trash can. Keep your comfort room tidy and hygienic too!


comfort room mirror

You do not merely use a mirror to appreciate yourself but to also spruce up. It is more valuable for bathroom users than you may know! It’s hard and uncomfortable to go out of the bathroom without even knowing how you look, especially if you have visitors, and your mirrors are all in the bedroom across your house’s living room. 


In case the toilet clogs, a plunger beside it will be very helpful! You won’t feel embarrassed to the next person using the restroom if you can easily eliminate your wastes before they enter. 


bathroom rack

Racks and/or baskets where you can put your shampoos, soap containers, body washes, dry towels and more stuff are essential! Just like hooks and bars, they keep your items dry and coordinated while you are not yet using them or after doing so. 


bathroom toothbrush holder

Since you directly use toothbrushes, they must be free from contaminants and agents of dirt and bacteria. To keep them well, toothbrush and toothpaste holders must be around. 

These belongings cannot be lying just anywhere on the sink, right? Store them properly. Cover them tightly. Securely separate each person’s toothbrush while all are in the holder.


The bathroom is one of the spots at home where you can feel really cozy, however, it is also that area where most accidents indoors happen. Slippery floors are the top culprits!

Good thing, you can have hand railings installed in the bathroom. You can grab them whenever needed, especially if you are positioned with a tendency to lose your balance or to trip due to the soapy floor tiles. 

Hand railings are advantageous for the elderly and for the teenyboppers in the family. If your dearest grandmas and grandpas are not very physically active or are in need of assistance when moving, the hand railings will definitely be valuable. The same thing if you have playful kiddos who run here and there, even inside the comfort room. Teach them to use the hand railings. 

What’s more, these handles are totally utilitarian for people with handicaps or temporary injuries. They keep everyone who uses the bathroom safe and accommodating! Tell your new home builders that you need hand railings for your bathroom. 



Without a doubt, you want and need your bathroom to be adequate in every aspect. Yes, the styles, designs and materials used to build the bathroom are all significant, not only for visuals but for functions too; however, the seemingly ‘optional’ details also play a big role in creating a serviceable comfort room. 

The above-mentioned accessories are absolutely advantageous, and without them, the bathroom will be not as helpful as it should be. Keep in mind to consider the various kinds of people, old and young, who use your home bathroom. Contemplating on that, you will understand even more the kind and number of bathroom accessories you will need. Think about the other hygiene activities done in it aside from bathing, and you will know what more is needed. 

Most toilet accessories may seem simple, small and secondary, but they can bring about a huge beneficial change to your bathroom. Do not hesitate to have them installed for your own soundness and ease of use.



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Horizon Homes, a boutique home building and designing company in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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