10 Smart Tips to Get Fame on Instagram


Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites that comprises more than 200 million active members monthly. Every day, people are sharing millions of images and enjoying the exclusive benefits of Instagram. Sometimes, interesting videos and photos are getting viral quickly and those people get fame on Instagram overnight.

Instagram is an exclusive tool for serious marketing of content, easy networking, and building of audience for both brands as well as individuals. The platform blows away engagement rates that are below expected. On average, the rate of engagement for brands is too high in comparison to Facebook.

Whether it is a big brand or an individual, nobody desires to strive hard for average. Your motive must be to reach for the stars and become a unicorn on Instagram. A unicorn in the digital language is known for outperforming others in terms of magnitude. Below are ten exclusively smart tips to become famous on Instagram.

Picking a particular niche 

It is a good idea to pick up a particular niche at the time of posting content. It will let you express your heartfelt feelings smoothly and easily. You can also tag and comment on posts by like-minded people. 

It must be ensured that every photo you upload must be interesting enough. You should pick a niche that is trending at the time on Instagram. Because people like those posts with trending topics. You can upload funny posts on trending topics.

Making usage of hashtags in a wise manner 

Hashtags will make your posts visible to others thus opening the gateway to interact. As you are supposed to use at most thirty hashtags per post, you need to make use wisely. 

It is better to stay away from super-popular hashtags as they are too broad to be used. Hashtags should be matched and relevant with posts you are uploading. It will help you to reach the right people.

Acting in a genuine manner 

As a marketer, you need to be creative enough to carry on with your sense of style and creativity. Instagram is an open-source platform where you can easily share information about your life. 

You must not act like a spammer and avoid copying others’ posts. The more creative you become, the easier it will become to market your brand. 

People like unique posts, so you shouldn’t upload those posts which are uploaded elsewhere. If users have already seen any post, then they will not engage in your posts.

Avoiding posting all kinds of stuff in a single chance

Generally, people commit the blunder of posting too much stuff in a single chance. Doing so annoys viewers and it looks as if unnecessary stuffing is being done. 

It is a good idea to post at most four photos or videos in a day. It is regarded as an advanced way to publish posts on Instagram.

Including a call to action feature  

To enjoy exclusive benefits of high-level interaction on Instagram, it is good to include a call to action feature. 

Requesting recommendations is a great way to enhance the interaction rate on your posts. It works well on Instagram as you will get to connect with many people.

Liking photos of others 

To serve as a force of nature in Instagram, you need to carry on with some momentum. There are numerous ways, but it is good to place stuff for others.

It is better to avoid indiscriminately liking everything. Doing so may lead to attracting the attention of bots. 

If you like photos of others, then they will also like your posts, and engagement on your posts will increase. They will also follow you and you get new followers.

Adding captions to your pictures and videos 

Adding a caption has been regarded as the best way that injects high personality and fun into your post. With the right type of caption, you can add colors to an ordinary piece of the photo.

If you have a funny personality in your Instagram account, then better go with exclusive captions. Captions of your posts should be eye-catchy.  

Interacting more with your community 

Instagram is a highly popular social network. It must not be treated as a platform for publishing posts only. If you want to succeed, then it is good to interact with a community of your choice. 

Taking interaction to the next level will make your brand known to many people. Good interaction helps you to build a big community on Instagram.

Giving attention to your profile picture 

The profile picture will serve as the identity of the brand owner. Hence, it is very much important to give high attention to it. 

The picture that you are about the set as a profile picture must be attractive enough. Blur and unclear photos are not at all liked by anybody.

Also, you need to update the profile picture frequently. You have seen many celebrities updating their profile pictures regularly.

Buying followers and likes from genuine service providers 

There are many service providers available in the market. Make sure that you should go with those who provide real likes and followers.

Because some of them provide fake likes and followers. It will help affect your Instagram account.

You should do better research and then choose a service provider to buy real Instagram followers.

There you will come across numerous packages thus making your selection as easy as possible. Also, you will be advised about the best option as per the situation.


We have explained the proven and creative tips above. It will help you to increase engagement on your Instagram posts.

Also, you need to give a new shape to your thinking for making your post exceptional from others.

Going through numerous posts will give you some enthralling ideas. You will get new ideas for posting interesting content.

If you upload more interesting posts then you get more interaction from the audience. More people will follow you.

Hence your followers increase once the engagement will increase. More followers help you to get fame on Instagram. 


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